Hindu Wedding

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Whenever you think of a Hindu Wedding the first thing that comes to your mind is the joy and enthusiasm among the bride, groom and the family members. The Hindu style wedding is full of rituals and lots of ceremonies that last for days. Each and every thing including the exchange of gifts, food, venue, wedding outfits and accessories, wedding cards, etc. are the best example of flamboyance. Following is a small elaboration on the Hindu weddings. The Hindu Wedding is generally conducted only on those days that are considered to be propitious by the Hindu astrologers. Both the families consult their respective priest and decide upon a specific date which is convenient to both the families along with the bride and the groom.

After this both the families sit together and decide upon the details related to the ceremonies that they wish to do. These detailing includes preparation for the list of guests, venue, menu, and other related things for every day. No doubt the wedding might be for few days but the preparation for a Hindu Wedding starts few months before the actual ceremony. There are so many preparations that are to be done in advance that might take months to complete and therefore the families initiate with it few months ago only.

Before the main wedding ceremony there are many other functions that one can keep. Functions like mehendi, sangeet, haldi, etc. are few occasions wherein the near and dear ones come together to express their joy and enthrallment for the bride and the groom. These occasions are can be done in a very luxurious way or even simple way too. But generally families with high standard of living will go for such occasions at a real grand level including the wedding ceremonies.

Mehendi is an occasion where henna is applied on bride's hands as well as feet in beautiful designs. The main attraction of this henna applied is that the name of the groom will be hidden somewhere in it which the groom has to find after the wedding is over. Sangeet is the function where the family members and friends come together and sing and dance either on traditional wedding songs or Bollywood wedding tracks. Last is the Haldi ceremony where the bride and the groom are applied turmeric paste on their entire body. It is considered that this paste will make their skin glow in the actual wedding ceremony. After this ceremony both the bride and the groom are not supposed to move out of the house till the actual wedding. Finally the day of actual wedding comes. Most of the Hindu Weddings are conducted over night and all the rituals and ceremonies will take hours to finish. The best place to do a Hindu wedding can be Rajasthan as this place is well known for its royal and majestic venues.